View some of our most popular excel tutorials and excel downloads below



Confidence Interval Calculator

Simply input your sample and your desired confidence interval. Easily see the full workings! Download and Tutorial!

Performance Tracker Dashboard

Easily display actual performance with budget. Perfect dashboard tool or print out for meetings. Works with monthly, weekly or daily data. Download and Tutorial!

Auto Row Highlighting

Uses conditional formatting to highlight the row of the current day. Includes manual selection. Perfect for dashboards and meeting tools!


Macro Scheduling Tutorial

Want to automatically launch a macro at a certain time, even if Excel is closed? It's possible and easy to do with Task Scheduler!

Split Out Text and Numbers - VBA

Struggle to clean up messy Excel datasets no more, with this amazing piece of VBA code that splits out numbers even with decimal points!

Auto Excel Workbook Backup

Backup your workbook automatically with VBA script including a timestamp and then use task scheduler to fire it at a specific time.


Auto Email Macro Tutorial

Sick of manually sending emails? Then use this quick and easy excel macro that automates the process, all you do is specify the range!

Auto Email PDF Macro Tutorial

Want to automate the annoyance of reports? This macro generates and attaches PDFs to emails! Very easy and professional results!

Google Sheet Script/Triggers Tutorial

Want to schedule tasks automatically and easily? Want a cloud solution that is free? Follow my tutorial on how to create a data entry form using scripts!


Link Google Sheets to Excel

Need Google Sheet data in Excel that auto updates?
Read the tutorial on how to do it quickly, for free and best of all no plugins!

Link Excel to Google Sheets

Link your Data from Excel to Google Sheets! All free, no annoying plugins and your data will be on the cloud! Read and watch the tutorial now!

Personal Macro Workbook Tutorial

With your Personal Macro Workbook, you can use your macros anytime and anywhere. Macro enabled workbook or not!


Google Sheets Stock Dashboard

Want a spreadsheet to track your shares, stocks and ETFs? Updated close to real-time and accurate? It takes 2 minutes with Google Finance and Google Sheets!

Resize All Charts Macro

This macro resizes all your charts on your sheet, to your exact specified size! Follow along with the tutorial and simplify a tedious Excel task!

Linear Forecast Model Template

This template uses your data to create a linear forecast, in a visual, interactive and accurate way! Great starting place for any forecasting project!